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. mayor michael bloomberg making the decision last night to cancel the new york city marathon. the news comes after organizers all week long that runners would take their mark on sunday. the outdestroy cry was too loud. will thomas has the story. >> the city of new york is not going to give up. the city of new york is coming back and this race will demonstrate that resilience. >> reporter: race organizers were certain the marathon would go on as planned. they donated a million bucks to relief efforts and the marathon, like those in the past, is responsible for bringing in millions to the local economy. friday during the 5:00 news, word came. >>> and to breaking news out of new york city. mayor bloomberg said the new york city marathon will not happen on sunday. >> i couldn't believe it. seemed like the mayor said it was a go. >> he was a maryland runner among the estimated 40,000 runners who expected to take part in the event. harris was planning to run with his buddy steve, who is already in new york all the way from new zealand. steve's blind and running it year after year is extra sp
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1